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"We Do Things The Competition Can't ...ln Ways They Won't"
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Our current focus is to make each business unit "the best that it can be." That means we must be much more effective than our competition at:

Cheetah Transportation LLC offers customized transportation services to meet the specialized needs of our customers. We are committed to "Do Things The Competition Can't...In Ways They Won't!" by designing our service to work exclusively with each individual customer's needs.
Interstate: MC - 412349

Cheetah Transportation LLC has contract carrier authority to operate by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce over irregular routes transporting general commodities, except Class A and B explosives and household goods.  Cheetah Transportation LLC operates between points in the United States under continuing contracts with commercial shippers and receivers.

Broker Authority: MC - 412349B

Cheetah Transportation LLC has a logistics division that is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction by utilizing a large number of contract carriers that meet the Cheetah standard.


Cheetah Transportation LLC certifies that the policies of insurance as described herein meet the full requirements of the law.  A certificate of insurance is provided to each customer upon request.


Commercial General Liability

Automotive Liability

Occupational Accident


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